Frequently asked questions

I'm an existing Meals in a Moment customer, do I need to register?

Yes existing Meals in a Moment customers are also required to register.

Will the containers go in the microwave?

We recommend heating meals in the oven but the aluminium containers will go in the microwave. Place the meal in the centre of the carousel. Heat for 5 minutes on high, check meal and heat again if necessary. Heating times vary depending on microwaves and different meals.


Should I use the oven or the microwave?

We believe the meals are better heated in the conventional oven. However the microwave will do the job.


Is there a minimum number of meals per order?

The minimum $35 per order. Should you desire, and have the freezer space, you can order as many meals as you wish above the minimum amount. We recommend you stock up with as many meals as you can to save on delivery fees.


What day will the delivery arrive?

Refer to delivery days on our website. Should your suburb or region not appear just call us to find out your delivery day.


Do I have to wait in to receive my order?

No you do not have to wait in to receive your Meals In A Moment order. As long as payment has been made prior to delivery your meals will be left in approved cooler boxes which will keep your meals safely stored for several hours.


How much notice should I give for my order?

48 business hours is all that is required; however, most of our customers re - order when they receive their delivery.


How do I pay for my meals?

You can pay for your meals in several ways. Cash or cheque to our driver, pre-pay using credit card, or by transfer on the internet prior to your delivery.


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